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just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out last nite for the camp freddy "rock the cure" benefit. we had an amazing turnout & a lot of money was raised to help out our friend scotty p. needless to say, the freak flags were flying & everyone rocked out with their cocks out. particularly chrissie hynde who made an impromptu appearance, sang a killer "brass in pocket" & then manhandled dave navarro. (and i DO mean manhandled! yow!) let's just say it was a moment in time not to be believed & im glad i was there to witness it! check out the clips on matt sorum's page & dave's blog... it's all captured quite nicely! ; )

anyone who's interested in donating to "rock the cure" please go to to see how you can help. they have hats, jeans, belts & all kinds of cool shwag for sale & 100% of the profits goes toward the city of hope foundation & finding a cure for cancer.

thanks again to all who came out to show your support & witness the mayhem. what can i say... it was a crotch-grabbin' kinda nite! xoxo- a

[updated 7-18-08]



Hey guys! Camp Freddy is doing a benefit called "Stamping Out Disease" for their tour manager, Scott, who has cancer. ALL proceeds go towards his medical bills. Gibson Guitars have donated a Les Paul which will be signed by every artist and will be auctioned off from the stage. I'll be there rockin' out for the cause... come show your support!


Thurs, July, 17th
@ The Viper Room
West Hollywood, California

[updated 7-5-08]



Our girl rocked it with the big boys at the Gibson All-Star Jam in Nashville last Saturday, 6/21. The show was a part of Summer NAMM. Here are some pics. Click HERE to check out more images!




[updated 6-25-08]



Hey guys! I'm hosting a new kickass show on FUSE called ROCK & ROLL ACID TEST! It's like a rock n' roll version of Mythbusters... basically, we do a lot of crazy experiments & blow a lot of shit up. Good times! The show premieres Tuesday, 6/17 @ 10pm EST (7pm Pacific) on FUSE. Make sure to tune in!..

PS- Here's a sneak peak of EPISODE ONE!!

[updated 6-3-08]



Hey everyone! Our song "Mr. One Night Stand" is being featured on this week's "Bad Girls Club." It premiers tonight at 10pm on the Oxygen Network, so make sure to catch it! The episode is called "Pop Off." If you miss it tonight, no worries... it repeats all week! Werd.

[updated 1-8-08]


He’s here!

Jagger Song Scallions was born on Friday, September 7th at 6:47am. He's 7 pounds 9 ounces & 21 inches long. (Tall & skinny like his daddy!) He's amazing & I'm in totally in love. Just got home from the hospital & we're pretty beat. Check the photo gallery for pics of our new baby boy!

[updated 9-9-07]


and the countdown begins...

so i've got about a month to go before this baby drops & i've gotta say life for me has been very different these days. no more boozin' & rockin' & SLUNTing around the world. nope. i've pretty much just been laying low & taking care of this baby growing inside of me. can't eat this, can't drink that, no more flying, no more rocking… pregnant life is such a bore! but it's all for a good cause. the tiny little outcome that is really oh so huge that will change our lives forever. despite the way my life has changed & taken my other baby (SLUNT!) away from me for the time being, i am SO excited to be a mom! i can't wait to meet our lil' guy & see his face. it's so wild to think that there's a person growing inside of me. i feel his little kicks & hiccups & it amazes me every time to think that a real live baby is in there. that may sound dumb, but until you've actually experienced this you'll never know how truly beautiful & amazing this whole procreation process really is. oh, and people totally treat you differently when you're pregnant too. never have i been offered so many seats on the subway or been talked to by so many random people wanting to know every detail of my pregnancy. absolute strangers wanna touch my belly & it's wild to see how people's attitudes change when they're around a pregnant woman. the other thing is, i'm a real do-it-yourself kinda girl, so having to ask for help with things has been a bit frustrating. i'm not quite as strong as I used to be & lifting heavy things is totally out of the question. this whole "damsel in distress" thing is for the birds. i can't wait to get back to normal so i don't have to be so helpless all the time. (except for when it's time to load in all of our amps before a gig… then it's ok to be a girl! ha! sorry boys!)

anyway, i want to thank you all for all the love & support you've shown brett & me throughout this exciting time. we're due end of august & can't wait to introduce our lil' guy to the world. he's sure to be a rocker & the proof is in his closet… this kid already has more black clothes than we do! ha! anyway, thanks again for sending all the sweet messages & good vibes & we promise to keep you posted on all things baby. until then, i'm gonna kick back, watch some baby shows on discovery health & finish settin' up the nursery. now how rock n' roll is THAT?! ; )

[updated 7-27-07]


my photography days...

so before i started screaming my ass of in a loud-as-fuck rock band, i dabbled a bit in photography. i was shooting bands mostly, but then i started doing social commentaries on things i'd hear about on the news that were really fucked up. (i.e. girls having babies at the prom, women cuttiing out their own breast implants & nyc police officers sodomizing people with plungers.) i guess my way of reacting was to recreate the situations & photograph them to show the darkness & absurdity of it all. a lot of times i used myself as the subject. often times i used friends or random people i'd meet along the way. i used to have a website called but i took it down when i started VJing on MTV (viacom didn't find it appropriate! ha!) and i never quite got it together to get it up & running again. i tried making a "prommom" myspace profile, but it got the boot because the images were a bit too graphic for tom & friends. i'm gonna give it another shot, but this time i'm gonna have to leave out anything too bloody, gory or naked (which accounts for 80% of my work!) so that i don't wake up one morning & realize my entire profile has been deleted. so please pardon me for sensoring myself. trust me, it's painful. hopefully i'll get back up one of these days, but for now... here's PROM MOM "LITE"!

[updated 5-26-07]


the long awaited belly pix...

ok ladies & gents, here they are... proof that i am indeed with child! sorry it took a while, but, you see, in the first few months of pregnancy you don't really LOOK pregnant. you really just look like maybe you've been eating too much KFC & downing too many peebers. then you wake up one morning with a small watermelon in your gut (actually it feels more like a nurf football, but not exactly that shape) & realize that your belly button's popped out like a turkey baster & you say to yourself, "holy shit! i really am pregnant!"

so, my girl nikki came over yesterday & we decided to do an impromptu photo shoot. she snapped some pretty rockin' pictures of the bump. check it for yourself in my MYSPACE PHOTO GALLERY, yo!

[updated 5-9-07]



We know it's been a while, but we just added some new pix to the SLUNT photo gallery! Our buddy Bryan Anderson snapped some good ones at the Warehouse Live in Houston... click HERE to checkit!

[updated 4-15-07]


hey all you les paul lovers...

...make sure to check out

it's a cool site dedicated to gibson les paul guitars... and guess who's the LES PAUL GIRL OF THE WEEK?! ; )

[updated 4-1-07]



Hey guys! Just wanted to give you all the heads up that I'll be hosting a show this week on DIRECTV that will broadcast LIVE from the South By Southwest Music Festival on March 15th, 16th & 17th from 4pm-midnight (central time.) I'll be co-hosting with the legendary Matt Pinfield (with Andrew W.K. backstage conducting band interviews... yeeehaw!) & the show will be packed with TONS of great live band performances, interviews & cool guests. And the best part IS, you get to hang out with me & Matt LIVE for EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT! Wooohoooo!

The show airs on CHANNEL 101, so if you get DIRECTV, make sure to tune in!

PS- We'll be in a glass-front studio right on 6th Street, so if you happen to be there for the festivities, make sure to come by & flash me yer boobs! ; )

PPS- After the live broadcast, it will be repeating nonstop on Channel 101, so definitely check it out!

[updated 3-14-07]


SLUNT makes MAXIM's Sexiest Album Covers of All Time!

Maxim Magazine chose SLUNT's "Get a Load of This" as one of the sexiest album covers of all time! We're up there right in between Christina Aguilera & Slaughter! Ha! Checkit:

[updated 3-8-07]


They say that the road aint no place to start a family...

In the legendary words of Steve Perry, "They say that the road ain't no place to start a family." That being said, SLUNT will be taking some time off so that I can squeeze out a pup! That's right, folks, a baby SLUNT is on the way! This means we won't be hittin' the road for a while (at least nine months! ha!) but we WILL be updating the page frequently & puttin' up new pix, news & tunes... so keep checkin' IN to see what's goin' on in SLUNTland!

[updated 2-18-07]



hey everyone! happy new year! we're kickin the year off right with a bunch of dates across the country. here's what we've got so far. keep checkin' back, cuz we're stille adding dates!

ps- we'll be rockin' DC101's bigass superbowl bash 2/4 at Fuz. all you peeps in the DC area better represent!

pps- do you have our new album yet?? What are ya waitin' for? Buy it HERE!


Fri, 1/26 @ Martini Ranch
7295 E. Stetson Dr. - Scottsdale, AZ
" Snowed In at the Ranch 4" w/ Counter Culture & special guest Bobby St. Vincent

Sat, 1/27 @ Zeppelin's Pub
111 E. Robinson St. - El Paso, TX
w/ Operador, The Cantina Flys & Fixed Idea

Mon, 1/29 @ Warehouse Live
813 Saint Emanuel St. - Houston, TX
w/ Hell City Kings, Morgue City & Whorehound

1/30 @ Reno's Chop Shop
210 N Crowdus St (Deep Ellum) - Dallas, TX

Thurs, 2/1 @ The Nick
2514 10th Ave South - Birmingham, AL
w/ Leslie & Gates of Berlin

Fri, 2/2 @ The Ten High
816 N. Highland Ave - Atlanta, GA
w/ Homeroom & Anna Nicoleminer's Daughter

Sun, 2/4 @ FUR
33 Patterson Street NE - Washington DC
DC101 SUPER BOWL PARTY!! Doors are at 4pm & SLUNT is gonna rock during half-time, so get yer asses to the party!

[updated 1-15-07]


Abby singing some Led Zeppelin with CAMP FREDDY Thursday, 11/16/06 in L.A.!!


[updated 11-22-06]



SLUNT just added FOUR new galleries to their PHOTO PAGE. Check out all the good fun that's been goin' down on the Paul Stanley tour & see all the hot new pix of Abby!

[updated 11-9-06]



and here they are, the first reviewz of One Night Stand... = )

" Slunts music is what you would expect to accompany a rockers stag party with the added sleaze of strippers."

" Its hard to deny that this band know how to write a song; they take the best aspects of rock and roll from the past 20 year and pile it into one album."

" Slunt is a solid chick act with elements of punk, sleaze and power rock. Burlesque show sax (..Need You Tonite..), shredding guitar (..Lost Girl..), dirty riffs (..Dirty Blonde..) and Joan Jett-like punk (..Mr. One Night Stand..) ornament the solid power-rock rhythm and riffing. This is not wimpy music by any standard. Enjoy a sensual evening of candle wax pouring and lip biting to ..Over It.. or head bang to cheese-punk rocker ..Here to Rock,.. which remarkably doesn..t suck at all, despite the lame title. Bonus tracks with more cowbell (!) remind us that it..s possible to play party rock music (heavy or light) with integrity. The vocals evoke the girliness of Veruca Salt, which works well as a contrast to the heavy sound. One of the better rock CDs of the year, which also includes fan favorite ..Pizza or Anal!..........v (Mark Beneventi)

live review from London Rock...

Classic Rock Magazine...

" Cunning Slunts"

A name like Slunt leaves little to the imagination. You'd assume that this, the
second album from the NYC four-piece, would be the aural equivalent of being
dragged into a Soho sex show, piled with spiked Lambrini, robbed of your credit
cards, stripped naked and then tortured in the basement. The truth, however, is
more prosaic. Frontwoman Abby Gennet sounds more sultry than sleazy, and the
AC/DC-esque guitars are covered with only a thin layer of scum.

If Slunt's intention with One Night Stand is to try to reach a wider audience by
adding a little style to their scuzz, they've succeeded. Mr.One Night Stand is
a prime example of pop-funky bitch 'n' roll, and just about the most outrageous
thing you hear is Gennet's ambition to 'pee on the seat' (on the mege-memorable
Dirty Blonde). There's even a saxophone solo at the end of the sentimental Need
You Tonight.

They've scrubbed up well. 7/10.

[updated 10-31-06]



so SLUNT is hittin' the road again. this time as direct support for paul stanley!! here are the dates...

10/26/06 @ Rams Head Live - Baltimore, MD
10/27/06 @ House Of Blues - Atlantic City, NJ
10/28/06 @ Irving Plaza - New York, NY
10/29/06 @ Arlene's Grocery - NYC (* SLUNT CD RELEASE PARTY!!)
10/30/06 @ TLA - Philadelphia, PA
11/01/06 @ Palace Theatre - Greensburg, PA
11/03/06 @ The Rave / Eagles Club - Milwaukee, WI
11/04/06 @ Machine Shop - Flint, MI (w/ Crossbreed!)
11/05/06 @ Emerald Theatre - Mount Clemens, MI
11/06/06 @ House Of Blues - Chicago, IL
11/07/06 @ Myth .. St. Paul, MN
11/10/06 @ Showbox - Seattle, WA
11/11/06 @ Aladdin Theater - Portland, OR
11/13/06 @ The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
11/14/06 @ House Of Blues - West Hollywood, CA
11/15/06 @ Rain-Palms Casino Resort - Las Vegas, NV

[updated 10-29-06]


"One Night Stand" CD Release Party - 10/29 in NYC !!!

Come celebrate with us & be the first on your block to pick up our new album. It's TWO days before Halloween, so put on yer clown suit & come party!


Sunday, 10/29 @ Arlene's Grocery

95 Stanton St. - NYC
8pm - The X's
9pm - SLUNT
10pm - Kuntry Karaoke

[updated 9-26-06]



We're baaaaaaack! And we're still adding more dates, so keep checkin' back to see if we're comin' to YOUR town!

10/01/06 @ Crawdaddy - Dublin
10/02/06 @ Barfly - Glasgow (**NOTE: Venue change!)
10/03/06 @ Joseph's Well - Leeds (w/ Jackviper!)
10/04/06 @ 53 Degrees - Preston (w/ Jackviper!)
10/05/06 @ The Plug - Sheffield (w/ Jackviper!)
10/08/06 @ Jabez Clegg Manchester (w/ Red Star Rebels!)
10/10/06 @ The Sugarmill Stoke (w/ Red Star Rebels!)
10/11/06 @ Edwards No - Birmingham (w/ Red Star Rebels!)
10/12/06 @The Charlotte - Leicester (w/ Red Star Rebels!)
10/14/06 @ The Peel Kingston (w/ Red Star Rebels!)
10/15/06 @ The Croft - Bristol (w/ Red Star Rebels!)
10/16/06 @ Engine Rooms - Brighton (w/ Red Star Rebels!)
10/17/06 @ The Portland Arms - Cambridge (w/ Red Star Rebels!)
10/18/06 @ Underworld - London (w/ Red Star Rebels!)
10/19/06 @ Unit 22 Southampton (w/ Red Star Rebels!)
10/21/06 @ Café The Stage Arnhem, Hollandmore


[updated 9-18-06]



SLUNT will be headin' to the UK & Germany in October, but until then, we're gonna rock some shows close to home. Keep checkin' back, cuz more dates are still being added.

Tues, 9/05 - 10PM @ CBGB
315 Bowery - NY, NY
16 & over w/ Magnetic North, God Fires Man, The Mercurial & Hollow

Sat, 9/9/ - 9PM @ The Compound
281 Lunenburg St - Fitchburg, MA
w/ The Xs

Sun, 9/10 - 8PM @ Bulfinch Yacht Club
234 Friend St - Boston, MA

Wed, 9/13 - 9PM @ The Continental
25 Third Ave. (& St. Marks) - NYC
Come see all of NYCs most badass local rock bands play their LAST show at Continental! Short sets, lots of good music!!

Thurs, 9/14 - 9PM @ Funky Monkey
3297 Long Beach Rd. - Oceanside, NY
w/ The X's

[updated 8-28-06]



OK, we know we've teased you about this in the past, but this time it's REALLY here! Check out the SLUNT spread in the SEPTEMBER 2006 issue of HUSTLER! No, not that kinda spread... sorry kids! Abby IS however sporting a big black cock! (hehe) It's ON STANDS NOW now, so go checkit!

[updated 7-27-06]



it's nice to be home in our own beds, but you know we can't sit still for TOO long! we're gonna rock a few local shows here in NY & then we hit the road with artimus pyledriver! they're fellow riff-rockers & drinkers of the jack so a good time should be had by all. more dates are still being added, so keep checkin' back to see if we're headed your way!


Thurs, 8/10 - 10PM @ Funky Monkey Lounge
3297 Long Beach Rd. - Oceanside, NY
18 & over... w/ Elvis Nixon, Tragic Orange & The Penguin Revolution
Fri, 8/11 - 10PM @ Continental
25 Third Ave. (& St. Marks) - NYC
w/ Scarlet X, Black Cat Elliot, Metal John, Do You See The Dark & Scared Stiff

Sat, 8/12 - 10:30PM @ The Compound
81 Lunenburg St. - Fitchburg, MA
w/ Voodoo Terror Tribe & Artimus Pyledriver

Mon, 8/14 - 8PM @ Webster Underground
31 Webster St. - Hartford, CT
All ages... w/ Artimus Pyledriver, Burned In Effigy, Socialbody & 8 Weeks Dead

Tues, 8/15 - 8:30PM @ North Star Bar
2639 West Poplar St. - Philadelphia, PA
21 & over... w/ Artimus Pyledriver

Wed, 8/16 - 8PM @ The Saint
601 Main St. - Asbury Park, NJ
21 & over ... w/ Artimus Pyledriver, TWiNE & Bullcock

Fri, 8/18 - 8PM @ Planet Rock
515 9TH Ave. - Myrtle Beach, SC
All Ages... w/ Sponge & Artumis Pyledriver

Sat, 8/19 - 9PM @ The Milestone
3400 Tuckaseegee Rd. - Charlotte, NC
18 & over... w/ Canyoneros, 500 Miles To Memphis, Tavis Nevels

Sun, 8/20 Ãï¿1⁄2 8PM @ The Nick
2514 10th Ave South - Birmingham, AL
w/ Artimus Pyledriver

Tues, 8/22 - 8PM @ Vinyl
1374 Peachtree St. - Atlanta, GA
21 & over... w/ Artimus Pyledriver

Thurs, 8/24 - 10PM @ Ravari Room
2657 N. High St - Columbus, OH
21 & over... w/ Artimus Pyledriver

Fri, 8/25 - 9PM @ The Ritz
24300 Hoover Rd. - Warren, MI
21 & over... w/ Artimus Pyledriver, Krank Nine & Vanity Supercharger

Sat, 8/26 - 8PM @ The Machine Shop
3539 Dort Hwy. - Flint, MI
w/ Artimus Pyledriver

Mon, 8/28 - 9PM @ Peabody's Down Under (PirateÃï¿1⁄2s Cove)
2083 E. 21st St. - Cleveland, OH
w/ Artimus Pyledriver

Thurs, 8/31 - 7PM @ The Crazy Donkey
1058 Broadhollow Rd. - Farmingdale, NY
All Ages... w/ Artimus Pyledriver, Spread Eagle, Dirty Rig & Point Blank

[updated 7-26-06]



Hey everyone! Just wanted to give y'all the heads up that Abby is now part of a new online music show called "Room 1015" that airs weekly on a brand new interactive website called ChannelBlast. Her segment -- appropriately titled "Abby Road" (hehe) -- basically documents life on the road with SLUNT & shows the trials & tribulations of what its like to tour in a band. "Room 1015" premiers every Thursday night from 10:15 - 10:30 pm (EST) so make sure to tune in. They repost the "Abby Road" segments starting at MIDNITE... so if you miss it live you can watch it at any time. Just go to & click on the little picture of Abby! Enjoy!

[updated 7-13-06]



the new trax sound AWESOME & we're gettin' ready to tour back home to nyc. here's where they'll be...

Fri, 6/30 - 11PM @ The Roxy
9009 W. Sunset Blvd, LA, CA
w/ Stimulator, The Fizzies & Suzy Rose... no cover!!

Sat, 7/1 - 10PM @ Dive Bar
3035 E.Tropicana Ave. - Las Vegas, NV
No Cover... w/ The Thieves & The Lived!

sun, 7/02 @ Martini Ranch
7295 E. Stetson Dr. - Scottsdale, AZ
w/ Metalhead!!

Mon, 7/3 - 9PM @ Zeppelin's Pub
111 E. Robinson St. - El Paso, TX
18 & over... w/ Cantina Flys!

Wed, 7/5 - 9PM @ Tac Room
2820 Main St. (Deep Ellum) - Dallas, TX

Thurs, 7/6 - 10PM @ Scout Bar
18307 Egret Bay Blvd. - Houston, TX
21 & over w/ Subversa
$5 cover... LADIES FREE!!!!

Fri, 7/7 - 10PM @ Rookies
1510 Jefferson St. - Lafayette, LA
18 & over...w/ Fall of Adam, The Pwells & Automoon!

Sat, 7/8 - 9PM @ Off The Wagon
62 Dexter Ave. - Montgomery, AL
w/ September Sun

Mon, 7/10 - 9PM @ Ground Zero
3059 Howard St - Spartanburg, SC
All ages... w/ The Slairs!

Tues, 7/11 - 10PM @ Dive Bar
3 Glenwood Ave. - Raleigh, NC
w/ Viva La Venus... no cover!

Sat, 7/29 - 9PM @ Lucky's
40-05 Bell Blvd. - Bayside, NY (that's QUEENS, muthahfuckah!)
FNNYC Fashion Show & Fuckin' Jenn's B-day Bash!!

Fri, 8/11 - 11PM @ Continental
25 Third Ave. (& St. Marks) - NYC
w/ Fixer & Scared Stiff

more info:

[updated 6-28-06]



So from Manson to Motorhead, the last twelve months have been a great ride for us. We played over 100 shows, travelled thru 34 US states, played in 24 (plus D.C.) and hit 7 countries!

We played for 5 people, we played for 5,000 people, and each time was a blast! Can't even imagine how many bottles of beer, Jack Daniels and other assorted things we went through... probably don't even wanna think about that! Got to play with amazing bands like Motorhead, Marilyn Manson, Mondo Generator, Corrosion of Conformity, Zeke, Drowning Pool, Opiate for the Masses, The X’s, Magna-Fi, White Lion and even Enuff Z Nuff and made a TON of friends along the way. Thanks to everyone who has helped us this year - whether it was buying a CD, giving us a place to crash, driving our dumbasses around, helping us with a blown tire, coming to a gig, buying us a drink, or giving us a body part to sign - we appreciate all of it. And the good news is, WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!

SLUNT is currently working on material for a new album! We hope to have it out by spring of 2006, so keep checkin’ the website for info on release dates, new music and 2006 tourdates all comin’ atcha in the near future! Until then, keep rockin’ the SLUNT tunes in yer car, stereo or iPod and we'll be back to rock ya in the new year! Peace out! Abby, Charles, Pat, Ilse

[updated 12-28-05]



MOTORHEAD ROCKS! We made it back with damaged livers and permanent hangovers, but what the hell...when you get to tour Germany with Motorhead, what do you expect? Lemmy and Co. live up to their legend on stage and off, and we were right there with em every step of the way. The highlight of the tour for us was definitely our last nite in Tillburg when Lemmy came out on stage during our show wearin’ dark shades & a towel on his head wrapped in duct tape (shiek style!) & started doin’ the “King Tut” dance. Ha! The crowd went NUTS and it was really wild sharing the stage with the God of Rock himself...even if it was only for a few brief moments. Thanks Lemmy!

As for the rest of the tour, there's a lot we really can't say (or remember), but we CAN tell you a few things:
- Drinking Absynthe in excess makes you do really bad things
- If Jack isn't enough, you can always invite over Cousin Jim
- Plates of spaghetti are fun to throw out of vehicles speeding down the Autobahn
- Self-cleaning showers don't really self clean. They’re just gross.
- Beware of cute waitresses in Thai restaurants...they’re not always so cute the next day.
- Soup is good food. (Thanks Richie!)
- Riots in Belgium are a good time, but it's really hard to find a bathroom.
- German strip clubs ROCK! (Especially when you're with Motorhead & Mommy Emma has all the funny money!)
- When in doubt, just start quoting the “Days of Our Lives” mantra. It seems to clarify things.
- “Ausfaurt” is a really funny word to dumb, drunk Americans. (Actually, its funny when you’re not drunk too.)
- The German word for beer is 'bier'

So as you can see, we had an amazing time...easily the best tour of the year! Them Germans really do love "really cool rock n roll music" (see our GUEST BOOK & you’ll see what we mean!) and they sure do know how to party down. The crowds were awesome & we had a great time hangin with everone after the shows.
Check our PHOTOS page to see all the madness that went on. The guys in Motorhead and their crew were SO great to us. Basically they kept us drunk, fed and comfortable - they treated us like family and we are very thankful to all of them for showin’ us such a great time. We got to hang with Nick Olivieri and the guys from MONDO GENERATOR too (top gin to Winnebego Deal!) who also let us use some of their gear (and their Jack) which was type cool. Fuckerz!
A great way to end the year!

[updated 11-21-05]



"The lead singer, Abby, took a few runs on the fingerboard, up and down, up and down, then grabbed the microphone. "We're SLUNT. And we were born at the Continental." -- The Late Charles Bukowski (Fringe Magazine)

Bukowski rises from the dead to review SLUNT's last performance at The Continental in New York City. Go to the Fringe Underground to read this sexy and hilarious review.

[updated 9-15-05]



GET A LOAD OF THIS released in the UK!

SLUNT'S debut full-length album GET A LOAD OF THIS is now available in the UK! So for all of you who were askin' us how to get a copy, it's now as easy as going down to the record store and pickin' one up - SO DO IT! And remember, if the fuckerz don't have it, they can order it no problem. Or, if you need yer SLUNT fix FAST, just order it from our ONLINE STORE. So go out and GET A LOAD OF SLUNT for chrissakes! You'll wanna have a copy ready so we can sign it when we come back! And speaking of that....

SLUNT heads back to the UK!

Yeah buddy! Due to the great response we had abroad, SLUNT will be heading back to the UK! Dates are still being confirmed, but you can expect SLUNT to be hittin' up select cities in the UK some time in early November... right after our tour with MOTORHEAD!

Octoberfest with MOTORHEAD!

SLUNT will be hookin' up with MOTORHEAD for the last two weeks of October to help them finish off their 30th Annniversary Tour! (And finish off a few beers. Ha!) You can expect to see us all over Germany as well as dates in the Netherlands and Belgium (two of Pat's favorite places!) So keep an eye on our GIGS page or our MYSPACE page for all the info.

What about the USA?

Have no fear, ya sickos. SLUNT will be hittin' the road again in the good ol' USA starting in mid-August! We'll be bouncin' around the states before heading off to Europe, so keep checkin' our website to see if we're headin' your way! We've got a bunch of FLORIDA shows happening toward the end of the month, so all you Florida peeps get ready... it's hot, and the hotter it is, the less clothes Abby wears on stage! Yow! We're still fillin' in the gaps, but here are the dates we have so far:

Aug 18 - 9:30PM @ Planet Rock (Jacksonville,NC)
Aug 19 - 8PM @ Ground Zero (Spartanburg, SC)
Aug 21 - 9:30PM @ The Nick (Birmingham, AL)
Aug 22 - 9PM @ Smith's Olde Bar (Atlanta, GA)
Aug 23 - 9PM @ Jack Rabbits (Jacksonville, FL)
Aug 25 - 10PM @ Cheers (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Aug 26 - 8PM @ Rockerfellas (Bradenton, FL)
Aug 27 - 9PM @ Boomerz (Seminole, FL)
Aug 28 - 11PM @ Churchill's Pub (Miami, FL)
Aug 30 - 11PM @ Beta Bar (Tallahassee, FL)
Sept 8 - 8PM @ Roxy - Bent Fork Bikefest!(Knoxville, TN)
Sept 9 - 8PM @ World's Fairgrounds - Bent Fork Bikefest! (Knoxville, TN)
Sept 17 - 8PM @ Whiskey Dix (Philadelphia, PA)

And remember, GET A LOAD OF THIS is available in a store near you, so if ya don't got it yet ... GO GET YERSELF A LOAD OF SLUNT!

More info: OR

[updated 8-12-05]



6/3 - Philly, PA @ Whiskey Dix
6/4 - Clfton, NJ @ Dingbat's
6/5 - NY, NY @ Continental
6/10 - Derby, UK @ Download Festival
6/13 - Northhampton, UK @ Soundhaus
6/14 - Leicester, UK @ The Charlotte
6/15 - Wolverhampton, UK @ Little Civic
6/16 - Brighton, UK @ Ocean Rooms
6/18 - Frauenfeld, Switzerland @ Openair Festival
6/21 - Manchester, UK @ Music Box
6/22 - Liverpool, UK @ Krazy House
6/23 - Dublin, Ireland @ Crawdaddy
6/25 - Edinburgh, Scotland @ Cabaret Voltaire
6/26 - Glasgow, Scotland @ Barfly
6/27 - Birmingham, UK @ Edwards No 8 Rock Club
6/28 - London, UK @ Underworld
6/29 - Peterbrough, UK @ Met Lounge
7/1 - London, UK @ Rock @ Mean Fiddler

[updated 6-3-05]


Abby on Fuse TV !!

the FUSE network just shot a show called "heavy metal makeover" in which abby & two other lovely metal mistresses take an average, every day joe & infuse him with METAL!! it airs this friday (3/11) at 8pm so make sure to tune in! rawk.

[updated 3-9-05]


The latest from SLUNT...

Hey kidz! We know it's been a while since you've heard from us, but that doesn't mean we've been sittin' around watching Oprah & eatin' Bon-Bons... HELL no! We've got lots o' great stuff going on starting with our first trek overseas! That's right, SLUNT just invaded the UK! Last Monday, 2/28 we rocked it it heavy at THE METRO in London along with My Awesome Compilation & The Lucky Nine. It was a great night hosted by Ian Camfield of XFM Radio (who has been spinning the shit out of our tunes by the way!) Looks like our song "The Best Thing" is up there in Ian's "Rock Show Top Five" along with Judas Priest, System Of A Down, Queens Of The Stone Age, & Cradle Of Filth. Not a bad bunch o' blokes to be grouped with, eh? Thanks to everyone who came down & swigged some Jack with us. We've got the pictures on our PHOTOS page to prove it! You can also hit up the TOUR JOURNAL for all the dirty details!

In other UK news, KERRANG TV has our new video in HEAVY rotation. Judging from our GUEST BOOK we've been making lots of new fans over there! We've also recently been added to The Box. We like that word. Ha!

Now don't think we've forgotten all you DIRTY SLUNTS in the good ol' USA! Looks like SLUNT will be joining Lemmy & the gang on some of the MOTORHEAD tour which starts on March 23rd! All the dates haven't been confirmed yet, so make sure ya check our GIGS page for more info.

For all you PRICKS out there... SLUNT'S got a feature in this month's PRICK magazine. It's a good toilet read... that is, if you can bring your computer to the can. Otherwise, yer gonna hafta find it at your local tattoo shop! While you've got yer readin' glasses on here's another interview we did for BALLBUSTER magazine... the OFFICIAL international underground hard music report. Apparently we're rockin' it "One Boob At a Time"... whatever THAT means! ; )
Last but DEFINITELY not least, don't forget that our debut full- length album Get a Load of This will be hittin' stores everywhere on March 29th! Make sure you're first in line that morning at the record store to pick you up a copy! You might hafta fight some crowds... but hey, that's rock n' roll right?


[updated 3-9-05]



Good news!! Abby's band SLUNT will be the opening band for the remainder of the MARILYN MANSON tour which runs through December 19th & goes EVERYWHERE! Here are the dates. Check the GIGS page at for more info.

11/18 New York, NY - Roseland Ballroom
11/20 Washington, D.C. - 9:30 Club
11/21 Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
11/23 Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom
11/26 Boston, MA - Avalon Ballroom
11/29 Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
11/30 Columbus, OH - Promowest Pavilion
12/2 Orlando, FL - Hard Rock Live
12/3 Myrtle Beach, SC - House of Blues
12/4 Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
12/7 Houston, TX - Verizon Wireless Theater
12/8 Grand Prairie, TX - Nokia Live
12/10 McAllen, TX - Villa Real
12/11 Corpus Christi, TX - Concrete Street Amphitheater
12/13 Albuquerque, NM - Albuquerque Convention Cente
12/14 El Paso, TX - County Coliseum
12/16 Santa Barbara, CA - Arlington Theatre
12/18 Los Angeles, CA - Wiltern LG
12/19 Los Angeles, CA - Wiltern LG

[updated 11-19-04]


Looks like our little Abby is hitting the road...

SLUNT is hittin' the road to play some dates with Zeke & Fu Manchu, then end up in New Orleans to rock VoodooFest! So if yer somewhere near Chicago, Kansas City, Houston, New Orleans, Jersey, NYC or Boston... come get SLUNTed! See dates below or check our website ( for all the info!


Tues, 10/12 (8:30pm) @ Double Door
1572 N. Milwaukee Ave. - Chicago, IL
w/ Zeke, Filthy Jim & The Resinators

Wed, 10/13 (8:30pm) @ Davey's U
ptown Ramblers Club
3402 Main Street - Kansas City, M
w/ Filthy Jim, Smashtones & Zeke

Fri, 10/15 (8pm) @ Engine Room
1515 Pease Street - Houston, TX 
W/ Fu Manchu & The Cougars

Sun, 10/17 (12:30pm) @ VoodooFest 2004 (Playstation Stage)
Zachary Taylor Drive - New Orleans, LA

Thurs, 10/21 (11:30pm)  @ Maxwell's
1039 Washington Street - Hoboken, NJ
Chick's Rockfest / Red Tour
w/ Blame Shift, Smear Campaign, Allison Tartalia, LP & FLUTTR

Fri, 10/22 (11:30pm) @ Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton Street - NYC
Chick's Rockfest / Red Tour
w/ Blame Shift, Smear Campaign, Allison Tartalia, LP. & FLUTTR

Sat, 10/23/04 (9pm) @ Sky Bar
518 Somerville Ave. - Somerville, MA
Chick's Rockfest / Red Tour
w/ Blame Shift, Smear Campaign, Allison Tartalia, LP. & FLUTTR

[updated 10-6-04]


Come to a night of hot, sweet rock -n- roll next Saturday, 8/21 at The Delancey! SLUNT will be rockin' out
with their good buddies Satanicide & Old Money. Check the SLUNT website for more info.

[updated 8-16-04]


There's a feature on Abby in the new (August) edition of Muscle & Fitness! Just saw it on the news stand. Yow!

[updated 7-7-04]


Abby's band won round TWO of the Hard Rock / Cabo Wabo Battle of the Bands! Now the contest goes national & they’re up against a bunch of other bands in an online voting. Click here & send `em to Mexico!

[updated 5-19-04]


Come on down for the big SLUNT ORGY Friday nite at Irving Plaza! Sounds dirty, doesn't it ??

[updated 5-12-04]


Here's a new interview with Abby on GIRLSBEERSGUITARS.COM. Damn she rocks!

[updated 5-10-04]


Looks like her band SLUNT is playing Wednesday, 5/5 at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City. If you're around, go represent!

This is round TWO of a Battle of the Bands & the winner goes to CABO to play at CABO WABO. If ya haven't noticed, Pat & Jenny really need tans, so come on down & scream for us... audience votes ! Click here for more info.

[updated 4-23-04]


Sorry it has been so long since we've given you any Abby news. Here's a freaky flyer from last week's show. We know it's a bit late, but Abby looks kind of hot with a beard don't you think?

[updated 4-3-04]


More from the Slunt site:

Alright kids, we're gettin' ready to rock the shit out of L.A. & Utah! We'll be SLUNTin' up the scene in L.A. (1/14 at DRAGONFLY with our good buddies JOKER FIVE SPEED, & 1/19 @ VIPER ROOM opening up for Metal Shop) then we're gonna rock the SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL parties in Utah (1/16 in Salt Lake City & 1/17 in Park City) so come on out & show yer love! (Or your tits... we like that!) Check the SLUNT SITE for more info.

[updated 1-9-04]


Taken from the official Slunt website:

SLUNT will be leaving the safe haven that is Manhattan next SATURDAY, 12/13 to play our LAST SHOW OF THE YEAR at NORTH SIX in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. (66 N. 6th St. - only ONE stop on the L train!) SLUNT hits stage at 11pm to be followed by our freaky friends from SATANICIDE. It is a VERY SPECIAL holiday performance you DO NOT want to miss! (See photo below.) Doors are at 8pm. Also playing: The Boxes & Old Money. Check the SLUNT WEBSITE for more info.

In other SLUNT news, the band will be heading west in JANUARY to spread some SLUNT love in L.A. & UTAH! We'll be SLUNTin' up the scene in L.A. (1/14 @ DRAGONFLY & 1/19 @ VIPER ROOM) and then rockin' the SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Utah (1/16 in Salt Lake City & 1/17 in Park City).

AND... our new SLUNT CDs and SLUNT THONGS are now for sale on the SHOP page!! Yes, they're finally here and they make GREAT X-mas gifts! ALSO, be sure to check out the new issue of the killer NYC rock rag NEW YORK WASTE which hits stands any day now. We got a tasty spread. Mmmm...


[updated 12-8-03]


Abby's band SLUNT is included in a "New York City Rock & Roll" compilation. Here's the info for the CD-release party. Thanks Abby!

The NYCRNR CD is finally out & it’s time to celebrate! So come on down & hear some of NYC’s finest & loudest rock & roll. SLUNT hits stage at 11:30. See ya there, suckahhh!



SLUNT @ 11:30
QUEEN V @ 12

Go to for more info!

[updated 11-9-03]



Ok party peoples, get ready cuz SLUNT is gonna rock the hell out of this CMJ music marathon...

WHEN? Friday, October 24th – 11:30pm
WHERE? Continental - 25 Third Ave. (& St. Marks)

[updated 10 -21 -03]


We just got word that Abby is now the new host of VH-1's Top 20 Video Countdown! We knew it wouldn't be long before she graced our screens again with her lovely presence! Check the ON-AIR page for the schedule.

[updated 8-10-03]


Whatchya doin' saturday nite?

Getting SLUNTed, of course!

@ Continental
25 Third Ave. (& St. Marks)

SABBRA CADABRA (the world’s greatest BLACK SABBATH tribute band) @ MIDNITE!!

Feeldriver @ 8:45, Smith Island @ 9:30, The Outside @ 10:15, SLUNT @ 11, Sabbra Cadabra @ 12

[updated 7-20-03]


Thurs, June 5th - 10pm


[updated 6-1-03]


@ Continental
Friday, 2/28 - 11:30 PM

9:15pm - Shade
10pm -Spunks
10:45pm - Lick
11:30 - SLUNT
12:30 - New Professionals
1:15 - Lady Unluck

25 Third Ave. (& St. Marks) NYC

[updated 2-24-03]


DONS_1-up.jpg Rock Candy Presents
@ Don Hill's
WED, 12/11 - 11:15 PM

9pm - Banana Fish Zero
9:45 - Skum
10:30 - Kowalskis
11:15 - SLUNT
12 - Joker Five Speed

511 Greenwich St. (& Spring)

[updated 12-09-02]


slunt at don's

Rock Candy & Slamdance Film Festival Present:
w/ DJ & Host Steve Blush
511 Greenwich St. (& Spring)

Mimi Rocks @ 9pm
SLUNT @ 10pm
Queen V @ 11pm


For more info click here: SLUNT

[updated 11-10-02]


Hey, all you PORN fiends... it's the night you've all been waiting for!! Come early for the "Pop-up Video" version of Deep Throat & stay late for SLUNT... we hit the stage around midnite!

****** MONDO PORNO An evening of debauched rock, free smut and sexy stars!

Friday, November 8 @ Arlene Grocery 95 Stanton (b/w Orchard & Ludlow)

Featuring two Rooms of Raunch!

In The Music Room: 8:30: Eric Danville's Pop-Up Video Version of the Porn Classic Deep Throat 9:30: Live Rock by Licky, Grounded, Porn Rock, SLUNT & The Sex Slaves

Plus The World Famous *BOB* & Bombshell! Burlesque's The Lady Ace spin their pasties for you!

In The Lounge: 8:00pm - 4am: DJ Rustyn L. Birch & DJ Shakey spin sex rock, makeout music & ambient romance!

Schmooze with the fabulous and glamorous Vanessa del Rio & Candida Royalle! FREE porn videos while they last! Giveaways from Penthouse and Toys in Babeland! Plus FREE CumKleen wipes for everyone! Win a PornoSonic CD!

$10 with print-out of this flier / $13 without

For more info click here EditrixAbby or here SLUNT

See ya there, ya PERV!

[updated 11-06-02]


If you wanna see some hot-rockin' mamas strut their stuff...

CHICKS THAT ROCK... CMJ !!! @ CONTINENTAL 25 Third Ave. (& St. Marks)


SLUNT rocks the house at 9:15 sharp. Here's the line-up:

APOCALYPSTIK - 7pm NIYA - 7:45 PALMYRA DELRAN - 8:30 SLUNT - 9:15 LOURDS - 10 LAVA BABY - 10:45 THE 22'S - 11:30 TIJUANA BIBLES - 12:15 JESSICA STAR - 1am

[updated 10-28-02]


Bust out your mullets kids!

cuz it's MULLET nite at MEOW MIX !!!


Featuring :
SLUNT - 9:30 pm
Grounded - 10:30 pm
Motor City Morgue - 11:30 pm

269 E. Houston (& Suffolk)

[updated 10-18-02]


Abby is the November issue of Stuff! Check her out here

[updated 10-16-02]


Straight from the horse's mouth:

hey everyone! just wanted to let you know that im gonna be in the november issue of STUFF magazine-- which should be out any day now-- so make sure ya checkit! i should be in the "first lady" section towards the front. they have me all greased up & wearin' sumthin skimpy... true STUFF style. meow!

also, they shot some b-roll footage that's going to run on EXTRA this tuesday night, october 15th at 7pm on NBC. note the SLUNT tune in the background! = )


[updated 10-11-02]


abby sent us an email:

ok, all you PUNKS who don't have mtv2 yet will soon have another chance to catch me on REGULAR mtv. ill be guest hosting "all things rock" this monday (9/16) through friday (9/20). the show airs at midnite (i know it's late on a school nite) so checkit if you can!

is a dead link funny? you decide.

abby's old website: